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Upper Mississippi – St Louis to Red Wing – 2023 ZERO DEPOSIT OFFER^ – 30 Jul 2023

Cruise & Stay 8 nights from St Louis (Alton) to Red Wing (Minneapolis) aboard American Queen.

Upper Mississippi – St Louis to Red Wing – 2023 ZERO DEPOSIT OFFER^

US $2,635

Per person

7 Night Cruise sailing from Alton to Red Wing aboard American Queen. 1 night hotel stay pre-cruise in St Louis. Day by Day Itinerary: Day 1: Hotel Stay – St. Louis, MO Your journey begins with a deluxe hotel stay in St. Louis. Tomorrow you will board the American Queen. Day 2: Alton, IL Departure 5:00 PM Explore St. Louis at your leisure or consider a Pre-Cruise Premium Shore Excursion with afternoon transfer to the American Queen. Day 3: Hannibal, MO Hannibal, Missouri has a rich history, diverse industrial economy, and truly remarkable arts. The city was founded in 1819 by Moses D. Bates and became a popular stop along the river for many steamboats traveling up the Mississippi. Hannibal offers more parks per citizens than most towns in the Midwest and was included in the famous “50 Miles of Art.” Today, the most popular draw of this quirky town is Hannibal’s very own, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, recognized world-wide as Mark Twain. Many of the popular characters featured in Twain’s novels were based on people Sam had known while growing up in Hannibal. Many of the characters and influences of this American icon are weaved into the streets, shops, restaurants, and museums of Hannibal waiting to be uncovered. Day 4: Scenic River Cruising Enjoy the sights and sounds of river cruising as you spend a leisurely day onboard Day 5: Quad Cities (Bettendorf), IA During the Civil War, the nearby river towns of Davenport, Iowa, Rock Island, Illinois and Moline, Illinois thoughtful planning and strong leaders helped them to flourish while other settlements began to fail. It was during this same time period that the three towns began to refer to themselves as the “Tri-Cities.” Today, despite the name “Quad Cities,” the city is comprised of five towns in total with the addition of East Moline, Illinois and Bettendorf, Iowa. Enjoy the diverse culture of this “melting-pot” city and uncover the stories of Quad Cities’ past in the many museums, boutiques, and eateries! Day 6: Dubuque, IA Dubuque is Iowa’s oldest city and is among the oldest settlements west of the Mississippi River. The first permanent settler to the area was French-Canadian fur trader Julien Dubuque who arrived in 1785. Dubuque’s location to the Mississippi and its abundant land and resources, attracted large numbers of immigrants, particularly Irish and Germans, from overcrowded cities on the east coast. Dubuque is filled with historic sites, architectural Historic Districts with well-preserved buildings and homes, history and art museums, the great Mississippi River, and a revitalized main street that invites guests with Dubuque’s claim-to-fame as an “All-American City.” Day 7: La Crosse, WI Named by explorer Zebulon Pike who saw a group of people playing a game with sticks that looked like a cross, La CrossE is now a common tourist stop. Filled with statues, architecture, and an exquisite view of the river, this river city is an artist’s dream. Like much of Wisconsin, La Crosse became heavily involved with the lumber industry in the mid-1800’s until the decline of the forests throughout much of Wisconsin took its toll. But in the wake of the vanishing lumber era, La Crosse became a city renowned for its beer making, with around five breweries operating in La Crosse near the turn of the century. Today, make note of lingering pieces of history along the streets of the city, inside local breweries, and within the floorboards of historic homes and businesses. Day 8: Red Wing, MN Red Wing, Minnesota was included on National Geographic Traveler’s list of most historic places in the world. Discovered in the early 1850’s, the lands were used mostly for harvesting wheat that would be transported up the river. Later in Red Wing’s history the economy began to flourish on the pottery industry, which became a main source of income between 1877 and 1967. Today, the city offers endless opportunities to travel back in time and learn about settlers and travelers that occupied the land before today, or to admire the craftsmanship and creativity of local artisans of both the present and the past. Day 9: Red Wing, MN Arrival 8:00 AM Enjoy nearby Minneapolis at your leisure.

2023 ZERO DEPOSIT OFFER^ Make a new booking on this 2023 departure and pay no deposit until the 31st of January 2022! Offer valid for bookings by Australian guests between 1st Aug – 31st Dec 2021. _______________ SUMMARY: Cruise Package Duration: 8 nights Cruise-Stay Package Begins: 30 July 2023 – hotel in St Louis, USA Cruise Begins: 31 July 2023 – embark, Alton, USA Cruise Ends: 7 August 2023 – disembark, Red Wing, USA Ship: American Queen River: Upper Mississippi River _______________ INCLUSIONS: • 1 night pre-cruise hotel stay with breakfast in St Louis • One way transfer from hotel to port on cruise departure day • 7 night Upper Mississippi River cruise aboard the American Queen from Alton to Red Wing • All onboard meals, including both fine dining and casual cuisine • Complimentary hop-on hop-off shore excursions in each port of call • All onboard meals, including both fine dining and casual cuisine • 24-Hour room service onboard cruise • Complimentary onboard cruise `Unlimited Beverage Package` – including beer, wine by the glass, spirits and cocktails valued at up to US $12 in value per drink including 15% gratuity (does not include special tasting events onboard) • Complimentary cappuccino, espresso, specialty coffees, tea, bottled water and soft drinks throughout your cruise voyage • A dedicated fleet of deluxe motor coaches • Port charges of USD $199 per person • Prepaid ships gratuities of USD $137 per person _______________ DISCOUNTS: This cruise has been discounted by up to $300 USD per person in all categories for Australian residents! Please see below for a list of the significant savings you can enjoy for new bookings up to the 31st of December 2021*. All rates in USD per person Twin Cat E Interior: Was $2935 – NOW $2635* Twin Cat D Deluxe Stateroom with Bay Window: Was $4535 – NOW $4235* Twin Cat C Stateroom with Open Veranda: Was $4835 – NOW $4535* Twin Cat B Stateroom with Open Veranda: Was $5135 – NOW $4835* Twin Cat A Deluxe with Private Veranda: Was $5335 – NOW $5035* Twin Cat PS Paddlewheel stateroom with Window: Was $5435 – NOW $5135* Twin Cat JS Junior Suite with Open Veranda: Was $5435 – NOW $5135* Twin Cat DS Deluxe Suite with Open Veranda: Was $6035 – NOW $5735* Twin Cat LS Luxury Suite with Private or Open Veranda: Was $8335 – NOW $8035* Twin Cat OS Owners Suite with Private Veranda: Was $9935 – NOW $9635* Single Cat SI Interior: Was $3535 – NOW $3235* Single Cat SD Deluxe Interior: Was $4235 – NOW $3935*