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Ohio, Tennessee & Cumberland River Cruises

In America’s heartland, nature unfolds the beauty of each season as we peacefully drift past rolling meadows, charming farms, rustic railroad bridges and towering bluffs along the Ohio and Tennessee rivers. Friendly locals on shore greet our elegant craft like cherished friends as we cruise by. Coursing nearly 1,000 miles, the Ohio River forged through the surrounding valley and opened the West to early explorers and pioneers. Feel the same sense of wonder and possibility that fueled their courageous journeys. Explore all our U.S.A. river cruises and experience America like never before.



9-day River Cruise: Louisville to Pittsburgh (or reverse)

Embark on a cherished journey from Louisville – with signature images of ornate hats, Old-Fashioned cocktails and the 120-foot Louisville Slugger peppering the city – to Pittsburgh – a beacon for the golden age of steamboat travel. The route to Pittsburgh is a hallowed one in the steamboatin’ community. Not a moment of this journey will disappoint.


9-day River Cruise: Memphis to Louisville (and reverse)

The rivers that flow through this itinerary play muse to artisans of mixed media – from sidewalk chalk to street fare – and are home to ports of cultural diversity that quickly captivate the hearts of visitors. Varied perspectives and lifestyles come to fruit in town squares and along city streets. Embark on a journey from Memphis to Louisville, traverse the confluence of rivers and engage in a uniquely American experience.


9-day River Cruise: St. Louis to Cincinnati

American spirit freely flows on a floating celebration of heartland charm. From cityscape to country road, this cruise showcases the magic of Mid-America. Join us on a Mississippi and Ohio River adventure, and experience an easygoing, mindful way of life.


9-day River Cruise: Cincinnati to Louisville

Our luxury river cruises from Cincinnati to Louisville feature the best of the Ohio River, highlighting the scenic landscapes and exciting port cities along the way. The air practically crackles with excitement surrounding Kentucky’s favorite event, spilling out as river towns and cities for miles around embrace the fervor – from a genteel steamboat race to America’s preeminent horse racing event, unmatched in history and tradition. Odds are excellent that this out-of-this-world Ohio River extravaganza will mark a high point of your year.

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8- or 9-day River Cruise: Memphis to Chattanooga (or reverse)

On these itineraries, adventure flows like water through the valley, and experience awaits. Navigate rivers, wallow in nostalgia and engage in history. With stillness’ shackles gone, we invite you to experience the world of river cruising like never before. Visit hidden havens of the river, and discover the reason that so many have fallen in love with its gentle spirit. 


9-day River Cruise: Louisville to Nashville (Clarksville) and reverse

Each port on this dynamic itinerary offers the opportunity to uncover authentic Americana. From Louisville to Clarksville, small-town America greets out guests as friends. Take a step out of your ordinary everyday routine, and board an authentic paddlewheeler to explore the waterway that connects these cities.


9-day River Cruise: Nashville (Clarksville) to Memphis (or reverse)

Earth sprouts to life in a multitude of greens as we begin our journey in the Home of the Blues. Stand on deck and witness the beauty of the transformation, breathing in that distinctive scent of spring. Birdsong graces each morning on a river-bound rebirth celebration filled with fellowship


9-day River Cruise: Memphis to Chattanooga (or reverse)

The beautiful colors of autumn greet guests around each bend. Enjoy a hot apple cider from a local coffee shop and take in the fresh fall air as you cruise through the most spectacular gouge area east of the Rocky Mountains. Tree-lined bluffs provide a palette of colors. Make sure to come out on the deck as we navigate the highest single-lift lock in the Eastern part of America.


9-day River Cruise: Nashville (Clarksville) to St. Louis (Alton)

Honor the blessings of American life on this spectacular trek along the Mississippi, Cumberland and Ohio Rivers. Notes of freedom ring in special performances throughout the voyage. Also reflect on domestic conflict in the pivotal place of “unconditional surrender.” Folk and fine art meet in fabric at an unforgettable museum. This journey is packed with pleasing experiences you won’t want to miss. 

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American Queen

American Queen

As one of the largest steamboats ever built, the grand American Queen is a gracious and elegant triumph of American ingenuity. Although filled with today’s modern amenities, her staterooms display are reminiscent of the American Victorian era. Glistening woodwork, fresh flowers and antiques adorn her interior spaces. Outside, lacy filigree evokes memories of…
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American Duchess

American Duchess

Spacious luxury awaits aboard the floating masterpiece that is the American Duchess. This boutique-style riverboat offers exquisite dining, beautiful decks and exceptional amenities. Her suites range from 180 to 550 square feet, allowing guests to stay in some of the largest accommodations on the rivers and carries just 166 passengers. Unique to the American Duchess…
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American Countess

American Countess

The newest gem in the American Queen Steamboat Company’s riverboat fleet, American Countess welcomes 245 passengers along the Tennessee, Ohio, Cumberland, and Mississippi rivers. Her sleek, contemporary design offers plenty of open space for gathering and sharing the fun, and you’ll love the great forward-facing windows and the portside bar with an 80-foot view. Savor fresh,…
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Look forward to…

Flavours of the Rivers

Regionally inspired food is a way of life on the river. Wild salmon, so fresh it might have been swimming this morning, grilled to perfection. Moonshine bread pudding that evokes echoes of the Tennessee hills. A succulent dumpling that reminds you why Washington apples are the world’s favourite temptation.

The Charms of the Rivers

Step on board and enjoy entertainment as congenial as a friendly pub and as lively as a cabaret. Since the days of the legendary showboats, America’s riverboats have been centers of music, folklore and theatrical delight. From the American Queen’s spectacular Grand Saloon to intimate venues throughout every boat, you’ll find so much to see, hear and do that your only problem will be fitting it all in. Entertainment for your mind is abundant, as well, with fascinating storytelling, enlightening lecturers and engaging Riverlorians.

Life on the Rivers

The moment you step aboard, you know this is something special. You’re surrounded by world-class art, beautiful furnishings and perfectly selected amenities. You’re welcomed by crew and staff whose sole desire is your comfort, enjoyment and safety.

And beyond that, you’ll connect with new sights, dialects, cultures and traditions. You’ll meet like-minded travelers who share stories and invite you to do the same. The familiarity of the space grows by the day – with every “good morning,” with each new friendship formed. Memories made on board are the

The Wonders of the River

Comprehensive, guided shore excursions are the highlight of every day in port. Expect to connect with people who have made the rivers their home, to learn firsthand how the rivers shape their past and future. Each experience has been thoughtfully designed for you, whether you’re visiting a historic home, losing yourself in a local museum or delving into unique regional traditions and cultures.

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